Oregon Gold Mining

OK, so I am running a little late after lovely April 15th.  Well, now I need to get back to helping you find some gold to keep the government running along with your fat taxes from the big gold you find, because I am sure that you report every single ounce you find.

Oregon has had significant gold production over the years.  This document is a solid twenty-three page historical document on gold mining in Oregon.

Oregon has a lot of things going for it, because lots of the state has plenty of water.  Also, there is lots of government land which makes it easy to find places to file a claim.

Check it out!

Oregon Gold Mining


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    The availability of ‘gold in nature is extremely rare, what makes difficult its extraction or recovery is the low percentage dispersed in other natural elements, the average percentage of gold found in Earth’s crust is approximately 0.005%. Due to the dispersion of gold in ‘environment extraction techniques come to be very complicated, and consequently the cost, not to mention the enormous environmental impact that mines and other extraction processes produce in areas of extraction, having to move tons of material to recover a few grams of gold.
    A gold mine to be profitable, must take place in areas where the density of gold is greater than one thousand times the normal average, there is also another type of gold deposits is called alluvial gold, in this case gold is deposited by rivers in places where the riverbed widens and the water slows down during depositing small nuggets of gold, thus creating storage areas in which it will be easier to find a satisfactory amount of gold.

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    Charlie you better watch what you wish for on changing the 1872 mining laws. If the Powers that Be get a chance at that there will not be any more small miners anywhere and you will be out of business forever. The 1866 and 1872 are Grants and Grants cannot be revoked, period. There are lots of places to mine left out there, for now anyway. Machinist

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