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Gold Prospecting In Washington State

Washington state has consistently been a very good gold producer over the years and if you are prospecting for gold in Washington state you need to see this document.  It is a 52 page document from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

It has tons of great information and if you are going to prospect in Washington state you really should take a look at this document.

Gold In Washington 1998

Washington State Gold Mining

Here’s a great document about Washington State gold mining.  It’s a 1955 document prepared by the Washington State Division of Mines and Geology.  This is pretty much the bible for the Washington gold miner, because it gives 162 pages worth of information on the history and location of mines in Washington state.  A gold miner can’t ask for much more than that.

Washington has had some very good gold production over the years and today apparently the small time gold miners are doing pretty good.

So, check out washington-state-gold-mining   If you live out in that part of the country this is really worth taking a look at.

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