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Gold Mining In Virginia

John Smith and the other founders of Jamestown came to Virginia looking for gold.  They didn’t find any gold.  That was too bad for them, but very good for you.

There are lots of places around Virgina for amateur gold miners to prospect.   The you may not find as much gold as you could find in other states, but there are a lot of great places to mine.

This article is from the Virginia Division Mineral Resources.  It has an outstanding map.  You can see that there are good places to try you luck within easy driving distance of all of Virginia’s major cities.  You can literally pan for gold inside the Washington Beltway -  without stooping to becoming a lobbyist.  Check it out: GOLD In Virginia

Lost Virginia Gold Mines!

This is an absolutely great document if you live anywhere in the Virginia or anywhere in that part of the country, because this is a 1975 report by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Division of Minerals on the location of old gold mines.

This is LITERALLY a treasure map that gives turn by turn directions to numerous old gold mines.  Man, it can’t get any easier than this!

Anyhow, if you go out looking for any of those lost gold mines be sure not to trespass or break any other laws.   However, there is an excellent chance that many of the landowners in that part of the country don’t have a clue that there are old gold mines anywhere near their property, so you might be able to work something out.

So, check out lost-virginia-gold-mines

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