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California Placer Mining

OK, some of my readers seem to believe that the documents I post are to obtuse for the average weekend gold miner.  I don’t tend to agree because the average weekend gold miner is probably an engineer, auto mechanic, or school teacher during the week, and none of this stuff is rocket science.  Also, you […]

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Historic California Gold Mines

California is obviously the heart of the American gold mining.  The 1848 gold rush wasn’t the first or last gold rush, but it was the most important in American history.  Literally thousands of gold mines with vastly different amounts of production have been established in the 161 years since then and modern prospector appreciate the […]

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Shasta County Gold Mines

Here’s great document for California gold prospectors: A Historic Survey of Shasta County, California Gold Mines.  Really, for this is unbeatable information for California gold prospectors. This is another TREASURE MAP for gold prospectors and yes I do appreciate all of the nice comments I get for posting these docuements. This document is from 1995 and 158 […]

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Historical Mining Document – 1880 Report on Placer Mining

Below is a link to a 64 page document about placer mining from about 1880. I believe it is from the United States Bureau of Mines, but I didn’t see anything that said for sure. However, it is a great document that every gold miner should read, because it has information on the big and […]

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